Description – Using the transfer of natural energy via the practitioner to client. This enhances the body’s natural ability to heal itself through the balancing Reiki energy.

What it includes – Lying or sitting, you simply relax, let go and allow the healing to flow. Using natural touch, or non touch, the therapist works with the client’s chakras and auras to ensure balance is achieved of mind and body.

What are the benefits – Body and mind improvement in just about anything you can think of. Reiki is non judgemental therefore anyone can receive this wonderful light energy therapy to help you with so many issues, too many to list, but definitely one to try for a feeling of pure relaxation, whilst your body enjoys the experience.

Cost of therapy£40

Book a course of 5 and get the 6th free

One or block


Description – The feet represent every single part of our body and through this therapy, working through the feet, the therapist follows a routine which works individual parts of body enabling balance of mind, body and soul.

What it includes Working on points of the feet to address ailments, remove blockages and assist the whole body in functioning fully ridding ailments through the feet. Also for relaxation, a reflexology session can help you feel uplifted or totally relaxed (client removes shoes and socks)

What are the benefits – This therapy addresses hundreds of ailments from mild sickness to menopause. Too many to list, but be assured this therapy will find the hidden ailments and surprise you! Let your body have a good MOT through this one.

Cost of therapy £45

Book a course of 5 and get the 6th free

One or block


Description/what it includes – Simply relax, listen and let the therapist, take you on an inner journey to address any issue you may be concerned about. The therapist will gently talk to you addressing the conscious and subconscious mind. This is with the use of  monotonous, repetitive verbal commands; and may include muscle relaxation, eye fixation and sometimes arm levitation.

What are the benefits – This therapy is well recognised for dealing with issues ranging from depression, anxiety, past anger, present anger, lack of  confidence, sexual dysfunctions, regret, loss….. In fact this therapy is known to address any issue and helps the client overcome their inhibitions.

Cost of therapy£65

Sessions vary for each individual, where one session may be enough for one person another may need more (this will be discussed at the outset).

Or choose a guided meditation and personal tailored meditation (£45) and an MP3 of your recording to listen to whenever and wherever you are privately and when you need a boost. Cheryl

One or block


Description – this is a full body massage designed for the comfort of mother and baby. You will learn various techniques to use and how to safely carry out a full routine Body massage is a pre-req to this  course.Learn how to carry out a full body pregnancy massage, using various techniques and movements to enhance both mother and baby

What it includes – You and baby can enjoy this beautiful pamper session, working away tense muscles, aches and pains, this one is a must for all pregnant ladies

What are the benefits

  • Relieves stress,
  • relieves aches and pains related to pregnancy,
  • increases circulation and blood flow to baby
  • Creates a sense of well being
  • Lifts mood
  • Softens skin
  • Relaxes both mother and baby

Cost of therapy£45

Book a course of 5 sessions and get the 6th free

One or block


Description – This therapy is ideal for helping relief issues such as headaches, stress, sinus problems, ear problems, blockages in facial and nasal problems, by assisting a build up of wax to be removed safely. Combined with a facial massage to assist in releasing blockages.

Cost of Therapy£35


Come and enjoy a pampering facial, where you will receive a full cleanse, superficial and deep with a massage to boost circulation. Toner, facemask, steam, is all applied and the appropriate mediums are used to enhance your skin’s beauty.

Cost of Therapy – £35