We offer Therapies and Wellbeing, as well as providing courses (accredited and non-accredited) for those wishing to develop their skills whether this be for their career or their own personal development. Having worked with VTCT, Guilds, FHT we are here to ensure you get the best training to succeed in your choice of studies.

Our staff are all qualified in their field of expertise, as well as being qualified teachers and assessors. They have numerous years of experience in people skills, management and teaching. The Centre is fully insured and approved by the Awarding Body to offer a qualification route of study. Advisers are constantly on hand to offer advice in respect of the running of the Centre and to ensure a Centre of excellence is maintained.

To find out more or book please contact us by phone on 07765038379 or send us an email at crystalchi55@gmail.com

Our Success Story


  • Over 200 people have attuned to various levels of Reiki and gone on to set up their own businesses or own mobile work.

    Many people who have attended any of the short courses have found them to be fulfilling on a personal level as well as integrating this into their everyday lives. Thus creating a positive effect on those people they come into contact with on a daily basis.

  • People who have attended our courses have left feeling that they have achieved something they set out to do, in a place of serenity and yet structure to their learning.

  • A Leeds based Project (assisting ex drug users and working women) offered various therapies to the users for a period of three months to ascertain interest. Over a year and half later, the therapies were still being offered due to the interest shown by the users.

  • Local Radio Station in Leeds also wanted a ‘one off’ pamper day to offer staff. This one day continued into almost two years and is still going strong by the staff who thoroughly look forward to their regular pampers …. ‘It makes me feel so much lighter’….. ‘I really look forward to you coming as I get so much from these sessions’……..

  • Confidence builder for people who thought they had nothing to offer to society and found after their course(s) they were much more confident in general and in the service they offer to others.

  • We have trained over 200 people in various therapies who have gone on to run own businesses or simply to use on their own family and friends

  • As we are a small business, we cater for small groups which is more personal (with more one to one per student) and an individual approach to each person’s study requirements. We are well established in working with people from other backgrounds and countries and take this into account when teaching.

Owner, LHTTC (Leeds Holistic Therapy & Training Centre)
Accredited for over 20 years. A trained teacher/therapist/developer/tutor/life coach and ‘friend’. Worked in hospitals, radio stations, offices, homes, sheltered homes, and projects to support the community and more…

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