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Reiki healing is not something you can simply learn overnight, it is a life journey. Those who wish to learn about their own and other’s energy and how to help others in a gentle non invasive but extremely effective way.

What it includes-

Reiki uses universal energy to work on client’s chakras and enhance a healing ability in the individual. This one is particularly for those who are interested in spiritual development as they work through the Reiki course. Also healing self as you work on others

*NOTE there are 3 levels of Reiki. 1 for the individual, 2 practitioner level and 3 Master teachers level. If bought together (advised to stay with one Master throughout learning 

What are the benefits-By using Reiki you become sensitive to other people’s feelings and this enhances your ability as a therapist  to sense where there are blockagers. As well as self development you learn how to work with your energy for absolute balance and how to  transfer this to others

Length of course-

2 full days level 1

1 full day level 2

Ongoing Masters

Cost of course-