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Due to the Coronavirus, we are limited to what we can presently offer but aim to help as many students as possible to work towards their career choices. This can be done by offering online zoom courses and online theory in therapies and development and asap the practical aspects of courses they will run at the appropriate centre.

We offer: Body Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Thai Massage, Reflexology, Facial, Hot Stone Massage & Indian Head Massage

Levels 1, 2 & 3


Description – Reiki healing is not something you can simply learn overnight, it is a life journey. Those who wish to learn about their own and other’s energy and how to help others in a gentle non invasive but extremely effective way.

What it includes – Reiki uses universal energy to work on client’s chakras and enhance a healing ability in the individual. This one is particularly for those who are interested in spiritual development as they work through the Reiki course. Also healing self as you work on others *NOTE there are 3 levels of Reiki. 1 for the individual, 2 practitioner level and 3 Master teachers level. If bought together (advised to stay with one Master throughout learning. 

What are the benefits – By using Reiki you become sensitive to other people’s feelings and this enhances your ability as a therapist  to sense where there are blockagers. As well as self development you learn how to work with your energy for absolute balance and how to  transfer this to others.

Length of course – 2 full days level 1 / 1 full day level 2 / Ongoing Masters

Cost of course – Level 1: £175 / Level 2: £175 / Pay for both: £250

Masters Level£250



Description – The feet represent every single part of the body and through this therapy, working through the feet, the therapist follows a routine which works the whole body enabling balance of mind, body and soul.

What it includes – Using your fingers to follow a routine you will learn how to recognise ailments in a person through their feet. This therapy is perfect if you like working with feet but also it is so versatile you can take it anywhere with you with no extra baggage.

What are the benefits – This course will give you an in depth understanding of how the feet link to our everyday health and physical body. The benefits are proven to help so many conditions to improve such as; headaches, sinus issues, internal issues, balance, circulation, lymph, kidney, liver, heart issues, digestive, neurology issues & stress.

Length of course – 2 days

Cost of course £425

Introductory Day Offer: £75



Description – By massaging points on upper back, head and shoulders the therapist works on pressure points to release tension. Using a variety of moves  within the routine, releasing stress and tension both physically and mentally.

What it includes – Learn how to carry out an Indian Head Massage which covers, spine, neck, shoulders and head massage. A versatile therapy where you simply need your hands, so can take to others easily.

What are the benefits – help remove headaches and eyestrain, unblock sinuses, improve circulation and stimulate lymphatic drainage. (Client remains clothed, but unfastens any to buttons or tight clothing unabling therapist to work on neck and shoulders).

Length of course – 1 full day

Cost of course£120 (plus for £25 for GUILD)



Description – An art combining meditation, prana, reflexology, pressure points and yoga stretches. Main energy lines (meridians) along the body are selected for this practice and starting from the feet and working systematically up through the body to the head. (similar to Shiatsu) whereby the receiver lays on the floor fully clothed whilst the therapist works on the points mentioned above. 

What it includes – Learn how to apply this massage to anyone and learn how to balance yourself at the same time. We cover the whole body with Thai massage using stretches, reflex points, yoga stretches, sen lines and energy. Incorporating H&S and professional standards. We cover history, practical, preparation, consultation, aftercare, contras, grounding.

What are the benefits – This massage has an outstanding effect on most people and often they feel afterwards that they have been ‘stretched’ and feel ‘longer’!! working on the energy lines of the  body and releasing any ‘blockages’ which can occur in any part of the body the therapist applies a particular pressure to the client whilst they are on the ground and fully clothed. This massage is also useful as an exercise for the therapist as they are taught how to breath and use their own body weight correctly in applying any moves.

Length of course – 2 days

Cost of course£380



Description – This is a full body massage designed for the comfort of mother and baby. You will learn various techniques to use and how to safely carry out a full routine.

What it includes – Body massage is a pre-req to this course. Learn how to carry out a full body pregnancy massage, using various techniques and movements to enhance both mother and baby.

What are the benefits
Relieves stress
Relieves aches and Pains related to pregnancy
Increases circulation and blood flow to baby
Creates a sense of well being
Lifts mood
Softens skin
Relaxes both mother and baby

Length of course – 1 full day

Cost of course£120 (or refresher half day: £75)



Description – A full body massage includes legs, feet, arms, stomach, back, head, neck and shoulders and using oils to sink into the skin, the body enjoys the sheer pampering of this therapy.

What it includes – Learn how to carry out a full body massage and understand how anatomy and physiology fits into this amazing therapy. This course forms the foundation for all other massages as you will learn about the whole body system whilst learning to apply a professional massage safely and confidently.

What are the benefits – Relaxes, uplifts, helps ease muscle and joint pain, works on the whole body creating a feeling of well being and harmony.

Length of course – 2 full days

Cost of course£175 (plus £25 for GUILD)



Description – This massage enhance any massage by using hot volcanic rock and cold marine rocks, the therapist applies these stones to various parts of the body, to relief stress, aches, pains. The use of the stones enables the body to achieve full balance and harmony. 

What it includes – Learn how to apply Hot Stones to your existing body massage. Covering the full body and face, incorporating H&S and professional standards. We cover, history, use, care, H&S, Professional ethics, consultations, aftercare, contras, removal and placing of stone, chakras, A&P covered in body massage.

What are the benefits
Relaxes, uplifts, helps ease muscle and joint pain, works on the whole
Body creating a feeling of well being and harmony
Also easing tight muscles and joints allowing the bodies’ chi to flow (energy)

Length of course – Half day

Cost of course£75



Description – Learn how to apply safely and effectively the candles and perform a facial massage to help the flow of energy.

Length of course – Half day

Cost of course£75 (plus £25 for GUILD)



Description – This course covers the technique for performing a superficial and deep cleanse, tone, steam, extract, massage, mask and moisturisation. It also includes fantastic anatomy and physiology resources with clear diagrams and voice over. Health and safety guidance is covered as well as skin conditions, skin analysis and advice about different skin types as well as guidance as to which type of product is suitable for use.

Cost of course£150 + £25 for Guild registration

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